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Take a look at J-String's services and chartering options!


Aruba's Famoso !

* 1 day

​For the great fishing aficionados !

How does it sound? A full day on the charter, 8 hours enjoying the sun and smooth Caribbean music, while catching?

This is possible! With the "Aruba's Famoso" you can enjoy a full day on the charter, an all-inclusive  fishing adventure!

-The price is per group of  max. 6 persons.

J-String Sampler PLUS

* 6 hours

The "reel" thing !

We get it, you might have a hotel activity to attend in the evening and you'd like to get some rest after your charter trip. Therefore we have thought on you!

​With the "J-String Sampler PLUS" you can choose for a total of 6 all-inclusive hours on the yacht!


​-The price is per group of  max. 6 persons.


Busy, busy, busy...


On the J-String, we care for your wants. That is why we can offer a 4-hour arrangement!

Come along, invite your friends, family or even neighbor(s) for an unforgettable trip. Come along and join us on the "short but spicy" trip for the famous...

"J-String Sampler"


​-The price is per group of  max. 6 persons.

J-String Sampler

* 4 hours

Shark Fishing-


* 4 or 6 hours

Feel the Rush !


A new-old fishing adventure for the more specific group! The great part, EVERYONE can do this!


J-String offers, besides the same-old chartering option...SHARK FISHING!!




Just contact us and we'll be delighted to give you more information.

Or check out some of our pics!

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